Adam Gold

Adam Gold went into editorial to get fun, creative ideas in front of a lot of people.

He did the prestigious postgraduate journalism course at City University, using that as a springboard to work for a Year 2000 dotcom startup. He then became a chief sub-editor within 18 months at a contract publisher. Spent years going round the world as a travel writer. Wrote a top-selling football book. And learnt how to become a digital editor and publisher for some of the UK’s best-loved brands.

New product development

In recent years, Adam specialised in launches – a careers website for young people by young people listing thousands of work experiences, counter-intuitive football stats delivered as bite-size data visualisations by email, and a site inspiring Brits to make ongoing fitness a realistic and sociable part of their lives.

Great experiences

Adam loves geeking out over cool ideas with development teams, interviewing customers as part of his lean startup training to understand what they want, and helping put things on the internet that people can’t help sharing.