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How influencers improve your SEO: Sending your web pages up the search rankings

3 key ways influencers improve your SEO performance

It’s no secret that your brand’s presence on Google is vital to business – after all, 93% of web traffic comes via search engines. This means you’re probably already looking at SEO, creating content that ranks highly for certain keywords, drives click-throughs and leads people to have a satisfying user experience on your site. And […]

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An image depicting brands working with health and fitness micro influencers

The benefits of working with health and fitness micro influencers

Just what are health and fitness micro influencers? And how can they help running brands with their marketing efforts? Here’s our beginners’ guide…   Influencer, it’s a funny old word. After all, no one likes to think their tastes, opinions and behaviours can be easily swayed by those of others. But, even if you consider […]

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Among the running tech brands smashing their content marketing is these two comedians doing a podcast on Race to the Stones

4 running tech brands smashing their content marketing

Which running tech brands are leading the way when it comes to content marketing? Here at Pulse – the content marketing blog for the running world – we’ve collected the best examples that show how companies can use content to communicate with their audience and add real value.   Discover how Jaybird prove their headphones’ […]

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running technology trends

3 running technology trends for 2018 and beyond

It’s been a decade now since our co-founder, Kieran Alger, embarked on becoming the expert on all things tech – especially running tech – so who better to bring you the biggest running technology trends to help make you a better runner?   In this BlueJam content series on our blog Pulse we showcase the […]

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AfterShokz are an example of great headphones brands for runners

2 great headphones brands that stand out for runners in 2018

In this series on our blog, Pulse, BlueJam gives you tips and insights that help you take action for your health and fitness, using the best brands’ products and services in this space.   In our video, BlueJam co-founder Kieran Alger showcases two brands helping people be the fittest, healthiest versions of themselves they can […]

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