Corner boxing tracker: Tech content that helps boxers fine-tune

The client…

The Corner boxing tracker is a new fitness tracker for boxers. Designed to be worn under the gloves, the discreet trackers measure punch rate, speed and power, sending all the stats from training sessions to the compatible phone app in real-time. This allows boxers to pour over the data, set specific goals and compare themselves to other fighters on the leaderboard. It can give fighters the edge.


As a start-up and new brand in the market, Corner wanted to build on their existing audience of loyal boxers, increase awareness of the product, foster a sense of community and create a presence on social media in the run-up to their launch.

What we delivered…

We worked with Corner to build up their social media in the months preceding launch, identifying the best platforms to target initially, developing a tone of voice and audience profile, and devising a content strategy and posting calendar.


We’ve focused on a mix of educational posts about the product to build excitement and anticipation for launch, as well as including research and stats about boxing in general, which users shared as it showed their belonging to a sporting tribe.


By encouraging the idea of boxing as the best activity for your fitness, that’s also fun and sociable and good to talk about with friends, it helps people change their behaviour and make boxing a habit that keeps them fit for good. This is accentuated by how compelling the stats are in the Corner app, with users poring over it regularly to see how they’ve performed.

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