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eBay Guides: Blog posts and social media content to drive conversion

The client…

eBay are an enormous online marketplace enabling both peer to peer and B2C products to be sold, and are a BlueJam client for whom we’ve worked with their UK, Germany and US offices. We’ve worked extremely closely with their content marketing and social media teams, acting at times like a bolt-on content department.


eBay wanted to create brilliant content that drove traffic to the site and from article pages over to product retail pages. They wanted to do this by using social media – especially paid, dark-posted campaigns – to get people over to the site at scale.


eBay also needed us to help them get consistency of quality, tone and house style in their content, as it was coming in from a wide range of publishers and influencers and needed that brand feel.


Additionally, eBay’s goal was to increase consideration of users shopping on eBay, using content to highlight the benefits of using their marketplace and the unique aspects of eBay as a brand.

What we delivered…

Our relationship with eBay began by writing feature articles that editorialised their inventory and gave their users a ‘buyer’s guide’ to what the ins and outs of how choose out of their incredibly extensive array of stock. They worked with BlueJam as tech experts, progressing to general content about any topic area related to their inventory. We then pitched ideas and created eBay-authored content for them across a number of their large campaigns, including moving home, plus-size (curvy) fashion and refurbished technology.


In total we created more than 500 feature articles for the Guides blog section of eBay’s website in the UK. To distribute this content, we also created thousands of social media posts – often three variations for each blog post in order to successfully AB test and optimise dark posts on social media. We produced the designs and copy for these posts across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. As a result of the way the content was sold on social, as well as the content ideas themselves and the quality of the content, some of the feature articles got hundreds of thousands of page views, including one that got 466k on its own. The total page views delivered from our top 25 features was 1.9m. On average, each feature got more than 75k page views.


eBay also had a range of premium publishers creating co-branded content while we made eBay-authored content, and the BlueJam articles typically out-performed those of other publishers. eBay requested that we worked for a lot of the publishers in editing, uploading, image sourcing, ideation and other aspects of content production, as well as managing the spreadsheets that coordinated copy flow. The publishers involved that we worked with included Time Inc, Hearst, Future and LADbible. In time, eBay HQ had us create the global eBay Style Guide to be sent to all the premium publishers and latterly influencers who were creating content for eBay’s owned channels, in order to ensure consistency.


Meanwhile, for eBay Germany we provided ongoing administrative support to the content marketing team in German language, and also ran a process of quality assurance by overseeing the content being delivered by German premium publishers and partners. We also undertook extensive stock takes of eBay’s German content assets, associating them with the ‘browse node’ pages that list specific types of product on a theme, in order to help users make purchases contextually.


One particular highlight for us was pitching eBay and producing content for an ‘eBay Stories’ franchise in the UK, in which we’d research moving and meaningful stories wherein using eBay changed somebody’s life a little bit. We produced these as mainly first-person pieces, and commissioned original photoshoots of all the subjects. This real-life story-type content was extremely well received by eBay’s UK Facebook audience of around 1.5m Page Likes at the time, with hugely positive sentiments in the comments and large numbers of shares.


eBay Guides BMX Story


Our eBay Stories output included the third most ‘overperforming’ eBay Facebook post Jan-Jun 2017. The feature got more than 42k page views. Total views of eBay Stories in one month exceeded 200k. eBay’s social feeds were full of praise for their approach to content. Here are quotes from Facebook:

  • “Fantastic, what a lot the whole family has been thro. I think there are way more good folks in the world than bad n this helps prove that x”
  • “Lots of tears here from me…what an amazing story from beginning to end. Well done all of you. 😀😀😀😀”
  • “A heart warming story on every level.🌟”


We’ve been consistently impressed by BlueJam’s enthusiasm, the way they roll up their sleeves and grapple with our challenges like they were there own. Their strategic approach to what ends up on the page is refreshing. – Faisal Alani, Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy Manager, eBay UK

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