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JBL headphones: Firing up sports journalists’ competitive spirits

The client…

JBL headphones are high-quality products typically aimed at young adults, with some models geared towards sports such as running. In partnership with our partner agency Ranieri Communications, we worked with JBL on getting their sports headphones into the hands and onto the radars of just the right journalists in a fun and interactive way.


JBL’s aim was for us to promote three new sets of sports headphones to about 30 journalists. For us and tech PR specialists Ranieri, the job was coming up with a interesting, unique, different way to get these headphones front of mind for journalists – something inspiring and stimulating, beyond a basic press release and a PDF with some pictures.


Something that stood out and is a bit different to looking for simple news stories, features, reviews inclusion within round-ups. Hundreds of sets of headphones get sent out to journalists – you need something special to make you stand out.


The target journalists are all well-known, active tech and lifestyle personalities within the sports space – journalists who clearly run a lot, from a list compiled by Ranieri. So, how to to crack this nut?

What we delivered…

We delivered a set of three emails to the selected journalists, based a teaser that explained that they’d been selected to be part of this team. The journalists got to choose which set of headphones they wanted to sample from the sets being promoted.


We helped Ranieri shape the press challenge idea, and assisted in making it work with the email mechanics. We broke the idea down into how the three emails should run, how they flowed from one to the next, and we produced the design and the copywriting.


Our concept included the use of Strava to track who has done the most minutes of exercise, based upon a Team JBL Strava leaderboard.


When the journalists chose which piece of kit they wanted out of the three, they hit a link in the email, each of which took them to a landing page that revealed more about that particular product. When they hit SEND TO ME, there was a pre-populated email that prompted the headphones to be sent to their address – and they were sent the same day by courier, so it was instant.


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We brought to this campaign our 18 years of expertise of being in press and media space, but also our experience of the fitness and technology space, in order to make this into a campaign that we knew journalists would respond to.


The emails had an open rate of 63%, a 33% click rate, and nearly a third of the journalists joined the Strava challenge, many of them talking about it on social media – overall, making the campaign very successful.

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