KuaiFit: Showcasing the benefits of heart rate-monitoring headphones for sport

The client…

KuaiFit are a passionate headphone brand out of Hong Kong, inspired by Ironman triathletes and their needs during competition. The headphones track your heart rate and your activity, but can also give you feedback on your performance as you train in your chosen sport. You don’t even need your phone with you while you train, as the headphones can carry both coaching and music.


The KuaiFit team wanted to inspire the next level of sports participants to get into marathons and triathlons – and buy a pair of the headphones as part of that. They enlisted BlueJam to create social media and website content that would consistently and convincingly spread the word about heart-rate monitoring, in-ear coaching and the other key features of KuaiFit headphones.

What we delivered…

BlueJam provided a social media content strategy for KuaiFit, followed by the creation of that content. We split the content into different editorial franchises for the right content mix.


We build a content plan with a publishing calendar, and ran the paid social efforts of KuaiFit in order to build brand awareness, increasing engagement with KuaiFit’s made-for-social posts, and sending traffic to the site with link-click posts.


We surveyed the competitive marketplace, and determined that what would resonate most would be posts that showcased the importance and benefits of monitoring your heart rate. That it only took a pair of headphones to achieve this was such a key selling point for KuaiFit.


From here the natural segue was that once users were sold on the idea of heart-rate monitoring, they then needed a device on which to do this, and therefore buying a pair of KuaiFit headphones made perfect sense.


In our experience, the more you emphasise the benefits of heart-rate monitoring, the more users want to regularly track their resting or activity heart rates, which helps in making fitness a habit for them.

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