Life Moments videos for Lifeprint: Telling the story of how to magically bring your photos life

Life Moments videos for Lifeprint: Telling the story of magically bringing your photos life

The client…

Lifeprint produce little portable printers that print out photos with a difference – they are stills from a video you’ve taken, and when you hold your phone over the pic, it comes to life as a video complete with sound!


The way the photos start playing as videos lends itself to all kinds of creativity for the Instagram and Snapchat generation, and the Lifeprint app even acts like a social network in itself, letting you share ‘Hyperphotos’ not just to each other’s phones but to be printed out on each other’s Lifeprint devices.


Lifeprint were looking for a content agency who could help them produce videos that would tell the story of all of life’s moments, however fun, playful or touching, in which having or receiving photos that come to life as videos would come in their own.


We devised a video series called Life Moments, which would chart the way a Millennial female – Lifeprint’s core demographic – could use Lifeprint to interact with the most important people in her life; her friends, her parents, her boyfriend or girlfriend.


The videos would be used to showcase not just the scenarios in which the Lifeprint devices and app could be used, but also the functionality within the app itself, and how portable and easy-to-use the printers are.

What we delivered…

We storyboarded our Life Moments series around the main character, Laura Parker, and began casting for the young woman who would epitomise the typical Lifeprint user. We then built the rest of the cast around her, arranging scripts, locations, props, music and the rest of the production process.


The first video that went up was of Laura having fun sharing Lifeprint photos with her boyfriend – and proving herself to be rather a Hyperphoto selfie addict, as you can see:



The video also shows how you can take an Instagram video of a Hyperphoto that suddenly comes to life, and share that experience with your followers.


In the next episode, we see Laura moving into a new home away from her family. Decorating her room with her Lifeprint ‘videos’ make her loved ones feel closer, like they’re almost there with her, being now just a wave of her smartphone away:



The third Life Moments video shows Laura receiving a birthday card with a difference, as two of her best friends from back home have used the fact that Hyperphotos are also stickers and stuck one inside her card, recording themselves sending her many happy returns:



We also produced a shorter edit of each of the three videos, optimised for social channels, but still delivering on Lifeprint’s ‘Moments That Move’ promise.

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