UNWRAPP.co.uk: Launching a brand that lists the brilliant things you need in your life

The brand

UNWRAPP was the first brand launched by the BlueJam Media team. A fresh approach to consumer lifestyle publishing, UNWRAPP has a simple mission: To help people discover brilliant things they’ll want in their lives.


Whether you wear it, eat it, drink it, ride it or just hang it on the wall, UNWRAPP is all about products that have an interesting edge. The site celebrates quality, design, craftspersonship and innovation.


UNWRAPP.co.uk is designed to be mobile-first and optimised for maximum impact on social media to reflect how audiences now consume content. Social media is where our audience find us, on mobile is how they read us.


BlueJam launched UNWRAPP in summer 2015 and needed to grow its audience, engagement and brand awareness from a standing start.


From developing an audience, we next goal was monetisation.


UNWRAPP has additionally enabled us to roadtest many social media organic and paid tactics that we can then apply for BlueJam’s clients.

What we delivered

From a standing start, UNWRAPP.co.uk within four months had more than 100,000 unique users and 350,000 page views per month, with 30,000 people per week engaging with the brand on Facebook. The brand has since gone on to work with a range of brands on native advertising campaigns that brought in revenue that monetises the traffic, in addition to being an affiliate revenue-driving proposition.


Our analytics show that a returning UNWRAPP visitor…


  • consumes more pages per sessions than users on most other websites
  • spends more time on site that the industry average
  • is more likely to click a link to buy than users on most editorial sites

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