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3 running technology trends for 2018 and beyond

It’s been a decade now since our co-founder, Kieran Alger, embarked on becoming the expert on all things tech – especially running tech – so who better to bring you the biggest running technology trends to help make you a better runner?


In this BlueJam content series on our blog Pulse we showcase the health and fitness products and services for runners to help make you the best possible version of yourself that you can be.


Speaking as part of his Manvmiles video franchise, Kieran introduces three brands that embody the key running tech trends of the year.

Running technology trends No 1: Devices that run your entire marathon training

Could you put the entirety of your marathon training in the hands of a watch?


Certainly there are lots of objective measurements that a watch can pick up today, but what about the subjective things that a human coach would take on board, such as if you’re feeling more tired than usual that day?


Machines that learn how fit you are, and progress your training accordingly, are advancing well. Kieran points to the adaptive training guidance of the Suunto 3 Fitness device as a great example of this.

Running technology trends No. 2: Tech that stops you burning out during a race

Kieran’s recent experience of attempting a marathon personal best in Hamburg was scuppered quite possibly by the hidden slight inclines around the race, taking his energy out of him at the wrong times.


Imagine if you were running up a hill, and a device connected to your shoe could let you know if you were overdoing the power you were putting out (in wattage), so that you conserved your energy at these points in the race accordingly?


Kieran here assesses Stryd – a footpod that you strap onto your laces much like a race-timing chip – and is designed to prevent just this kind of over-exertion.

Running technology trends No. 3: Gear that pinpoints your running technique

Are you a forefoot, mid-foot or heel-foot striker when your feet hit the ground? And how you can take that information and apply it to your running technique to get faster, know what running shoes to buy and avoid injury?


Kieran points out a new brand of smart insoles called Arion, which measure the interaction between your feet and the ground. This is tech you can move from shoe to shoe, and Kieran indicates where this kind of performance-enhancing tech is likely to go next.


Watch Kieran’s Manvmiles video to get the full low-down…

You can find out more on Kieran’s blog, Manvmiles, in his post on this year’s new running tech trends revealed.

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