Among the running tech brands smashing their content marketing is these two comedians doing a podcast on Race to the Stones

4 running tech brands smashing their content marketing

Which running tech brands are leading the way when it comes to content marketing? Here at Pulse – the content marketing blog for the running world – we’ve collected the best examples that show how companies can use content to communicate with their audience and add real value.


Discover how Jaybird prove their headphones’ hardiness in a beautiful, inspiring way, why Stryd have curated hardcore runner community, the way Dixons Carphone have teamed up a much-loved ultra run with some super-popular content creators, and how Polar have rolled up their sleeves to solve runners’ problems one by one.


Content marketing isn’t just one-off blog articles or social media posts. Sports headphone brand Jaybird have shown the value of going big with their ‘Run Wild’ series. The epic global film franchise follows ultra-trail running athlete Rory Bosio and urban runner and influencer Knox Robinson around the world as they uncover running and music cultures.


With stunningly shot episodes released monthly, the first instalment sees Rory and Knox attend a high-level performance camp in the US. Here they undergo various brutal training sessions in lush landscapes and learn all about the power of breathing.


Why does this content work? The high production values infer Jaybird offers products of similar quality. And that tough but beautiful terrain? That shows the product operates in even the most testing landscapes and conditions.


While the cost of such a big video series may be high, the team have created additional content for other Jaybird platforms such as Instagram while filming in incredible locations, backing up their tagline ‘Designed for athletes. Built for adventure’.



With not-so-snappy headlines including ‘New Research Data Shows Stryd Pioneer Power Correlates with Metabolic Expenditure’ and ‘Nick Negative Splits IM Boulder Marathon’, you’d be right in thinking running-power meter Stryd’s blog isn’t for everyone. But that’s exactly the point.


Confusing acronyms, mind-boggling jargon and presuming your audience have prior, in-depth knowledge about a subject are all usually a no-no, but here they work. And that’s because Stryd has done its research. It knows exactly who its target audience is – hardcore runners, triathletes and coaches who are all about breaking down the stats – and how they want to be spoken to. The audience know their sport inside out and they want content that recognises that.


A regular blog by Stryd employee Nick about his Ironman training also helps show the brand is walking the walk. And a Facebook group, in addition to a Facebook page, means the community can get together and share expertise, and Stryd can see exactly how and what they’re talking about, and look for ways to add more value through content.

Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience via content marketing is to hang out where they hang out. That could be online or, in the case of the The Dixons Carphone-sponsored ultra marathon Race to the Stones, IRL.


Knowing that long-distance runners are big fans of podcasts, the race partnered with comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering to create a special edition of the duo’s Running Commentary podcast. Recorded as the comics ran the 100km course, the 30-minute podcast is designed for 2018 competitors to listen to on route, just when they need it most.


Not only will it provide useful, relevant and entertaining content to help runners make it over that finish line, you also need a phone or some form of technical equipment to listen to it. Handily, that’s exactly what Dixons Carphone sell.


Sometimes it seems that it’s the all-singing all-dancing jazz-hands social media posts that attract all the attention – but there’s another form of content that’s guaranteed to keep a steady stream of traffic hitting your website, even if it’s not quite as flashy.


Polar has kept it simple and gone old-school with a blog providing training hints and tips around running and other sports that its heart rate-monitors and watches support. While this may not seem groundbreaking, they’ve done their keyword research and every post is SEO-rich, meaning it ranks highly when runners search for those terms and for that advice online. See 3 Things to Know About Breathing When Running and Strengthen Your Hips for Running.


This has the advantage of showcasing Polar’s expertise and also – as the target terms seem to be aimed at those newer to running – it’ll convert people early on in their running journey to become Polar content subscribers and Polar product purchasers.

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