Clever content marketing tactics

Content marketing tactics: How to do content marketing

At BlueJam Media our experts have been creating content for award-winning brands for more than 20 years. We know there’s no secret, instant recipe for success. Building loyal audiences who come back over and over again takes time and craft. But there are some rules you should definitely follow, and clever content marketing tactics you can use, to get your brand heard above all the noise. Here are the essentials…

Identify a need

Thorough demographic research is vital to understand not just who your primary target audience is, but also what they want from you. What will make their life easier, more entertaining? Where can you add real value to their day?

The right content mix

At BlueJam we believe in finding the right treatment for every piece of content – be it an infographic, list or video. Ensuring you have a mix of content formats is how you keep things fresh and interesting, feature by feature.

Fish where the fish are

We use data analytics tools to understand how, and where, your audience consumes content. And then we prioritise those platforms in line with your strategic goals.

Consistency is king

From tone of voice and editorial branding, to use of imagery, being consistent means your brand works no matter where. This breeds familiarity and trust. Your best foot is always forward.

Leverage existing influence

The most effective content uses people with existing influence to help spread the message further and faster, by making them part of the story.

Think social and community first

Consumers increasingly expect to consume content entirely on social media without clicking to a destination. It pays to create content exclusively for each channel. Using content to build community. Getting your community involved in your content breeds loyalty and advocacy, while also giving your content a life of its own.

Curate and create

Not everything has to be produced by you. Any successful editorial strategy should take advantage of existing communities and leverage content already being produced.

Measure and improve

Everything should be measured, evaluated and improved. Not everything will work. Use the data to help you know when to move onto something new.

The BlueJam Media approach: Clever content marketing tactics

Content marketing approach

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