Content marketing tips for running brands

Content marketing tips for running brands

Here on the BlueJam blog, Pulse, we’ve looked at the trends influencing content and running in 2018, zeroed in on the running brands that are doing content marketing well, and also seen how effective a good content strategy can be. But how do you bring that into your own content? Here are some content marketing tips for running brands that can help you create more compelling content for the runners out there.

1. Have a strategy

While there’s always going to be an element of experimenting to see what works, there’s no point throwing content out there and hoping something sticks or doing it just because everyone else is. Have a strategy. What do you want to achieve?

Who is your audience for this content and what are they interested in? How often are you going to create content and on what channels? Will the audience for each channel differ? How are you going to get people engaging and coming back for more? Really do something amazing for your audience.

2. Forget about the likes

People are sick of being bombarded with low-quality clickbait content, and social channels are prioritising engaging content that gets interactions. It’s time to forget about the likes and go for quality over quantity.

You need to really know your audience, we mean really know them, give them value, ask them questions, get them involved, create local content specifically for them. You need to be in it for the long game.

3. Go live

Facebook Live videos have six times the interaction of pre-recorded video and Instagram is really pushing live Stories, so if you want to be seen, stream it. This could be anything from an event, a Q&A, a live training session for viewers to join in with, a product launch… get creative.

4. Think outside the standard channels

Content doesn’t have to be a blog post or Instagram pic. Where are your audience? Go find them. Do they listen to podcasts when running? Create one. Do they want to share stats or take on challenges? Get yourself on Strava and other apps.

Do they want to discuss their runs with others? How about setting up a Facebook group or virtual run crew with helpful content in there? And don’t forget emerging channels such as chatbots and voice search – they could be your chance to get ahead of your competitors.

5. Stay in the know

Social media landscapes are constantly changing, meaning content marketing needs to regularly evolve. But don’t worry, we’re on it. We’re updating our Pulse articles regularly with new trends and insights so you can always check back for the latest ideas.

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