AfterShokz are an example of great headphones brands for runners

2 great headphones brands that stand out for runners in 2018

In this series on our blog, Pulse, BlueJam gives you tips and insights that help you take action for your health and fitness, using the best brands’ products and services in this space.


In our video, BlueJam co-founder Kieran Alger showcases two brands helping people be the fittest, healthiest versions of themselves they can be through running: Jaybird and AfterShokz.

Great headphone brands: Jaybird

How does Jaybird as a brand help people get fit and stay fit for life? They have products such as the Jaybird Run that are designed for ease and convenience for the runner, working seamlessly so you don’t have to think about them – you just put them in and off you go.


Jaybird have also been inspiring runners at any level to achieve their best, with a video content series called Run Wild that beautifully tells stories about runners learning to push themselves to new limits. Convenience and inspiration for a runner in one neat package.

Great headphone brands: AfterShokz

AfterShokz meanwhile in the UK have become the go-to headphones for a distinct audience, which is social runners. If you belong to a running club, or regularly sign up for 10Ks and half-marathons with friends, then AfterShokz are the right pair because they are bone-conducting with sound travelling through your cheekbones, leaving your ears free to still pick up what’s around you, like talking to fellow runners.


AfterShokz are using content to build a community called the ShokzSquad of those who really love that flexibility of being able to listen to your headphones when you want or being able to tune into your surroundings and the people around you at any time.


Now here’s Kieran on just why these headphone brands are so good for runners…



You can find out more on Kieran’s blog, Manvmiles, in his post on the best running headphones of 2018.

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