How influencers improve your SEO: Sending your web pages up the search rankings

3 key ways influencers improve your SEO performance

It’s no secret that your brand’s presence on Google is vital to business – after all, 93% of web traffic comes via search engines. This means you’re probably already looking at SEO, creating content that ranks highly for certain keywords, drives click-throughs and leads people to have a satisfying user experience on your site. And if you’re not, well, ring us immediately!


Once you’ve got that basic SEO strategy in place it’s time to take it one step further and harness the power of influencers. Providing you choose your influencers and the spheres they operate in wisely, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers and social media stars can all boost your SEO performance. Here are some of the key ways:

1. Influencers can improve your search ranking with backlinks…

Backlinks to your site from other sites with a good domain authority improve your search ranking as they show your site is a trusted, useful source. Building these backlinks, however, can be a slow process – which is where influencers come in.


Working with influencers who create content linking to you on their blogs gives you a high-quality backlink – an essential in your SEO ranking toolkit.


Running shoe manufacturer On Running, for example, got backlinks to their site from influencers such as triathlete Richard Varga, giving an SEO boost to On as a result.

2. …And with social media

Both Google and Bing use data from social sites to determine how high to rank your website. The algorithms that determine exactly what ranks where are secret, and rapidly changing (Google changes its algorithm 500 times a year, so don’t even try to keep up), but there is definite proof that social activity has an impact on your search ranking and that that impact is increasing.


Some 61% of marketers investing six hours a week or more in social media marketing saw improvements in search engine ranking, and Google even displays search results direct from YouTube and Twitter, where appropriate.


While it’s tempting to monitor your social posts solely by number of likes and shares, the quality of those shares is just as important – by which we mean big accounts run by influencers – and this is listed among Moz’s top nine Google ranking factors.


Working with influencers here can have a great impact. By sharing your social content with their followers you can not only massively boost your reach in the short term, but if they’re well respected by Google, they may help you leap a few search positions too.


BlueJam client AfterShokz, the makers of bone-conduction headphones aimed at runners, have had influencers such as Fran Scott give Tweet about them with a link back to their UK site, which will have alerted Google to their domain quality as a result.


Influencers can help increase the quality of searches around your brand

3. Influencers can help increase the quality of searches around your brand

It’s all very well ranking highly on search, but what if but some of those results are less than flattering?


Let’s say you’re in the eco yoga clothing business and your brand is called Green Eco Yoga Clothing. Nice one, you’re appearing high up the first page when people search for ‘eco yoga clothing’.


But if the other top results are ‘Green Eco Yoga Clothing is terrible’ and ‘Why I’ll never buy Green Eco Yoga Clothing again’, you’ve got a results-quality problem (and a clothes-manufacturing problem, by the looks of it).


Your brand can use influencers to improve the desirability of the results that appear in searches. Getting quality product into the hands of influencers would encourage them to talk about it positively, with these posts usurping the previous negative ones.


While your results-quality issue might not be that extreme, most brands have room for improvement when it comes to the results that represent them.


Powervision are relatively new to market but produce high-end, premium-priced drones. The issue they had was that when you Googled them, a lot of the resulting websites were low-quality. Although the reviews that appeared were positive, they were on small sites with little domain authority. This didn’t reflect well on the brand and its premium values.


Working with carefully selected influencers with sufficient domain authority and credibility, Powervision would be able to transform the search results that appeared around the brand. So that when someone searched for ‘Powervision drone review’ or similar, they’ll find a whole page or two of well-respected influencers explaining just how much they value the product.

Conclusion: What are the key tips on how to enable it so influencers improve your SEO performance?

When planning how to incorporate influencer marketing into your SEO plans for the year ahead, it’s important to think about:

  1. Are you ranking as highly as you’d like in search results? If not, working with influencers could push you up the rankings, resulting in a significant increase in traffic.
  2. If you Google the names of your products, who has reviewed them and talked about them? Do the results showcase your brand at its best, or do you need better influencers?
  3. Are you being featured in ‘best of’ lists relevant to your product category? If not, get your product into the right hands.

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